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Privacy / On Line Policies

It is the collective opinion of all members and staff of PROBABLE CAUSE that our Web Site visitors should not have to risk their privacy or personal information just to visit our Web Site or send an inquiry, sign up on our emial list or just suggest a tune.

It is because of our strong conviction on the matter of On-Line privacy that we issue the following privacy policy:

  1. When collecting information for the purpose of submitting a song suggestion, signing up for the email list or just making a comment to / on the PROBABLE CAUSE Web Site, the information collected will be collected through a secure server using the latest encryption technology available for your protection.
  2. PROBABLE CAUSE will not give, sell or trade personal information that you submit to us in good faith, unless required by law.
  3. While not all companies that place "cookies" use them to "keep tabs" on their visitors for the purpose of "Mystery Marketing", we at The PROBABLE CAUSE Web Site have chosen not to employ the use of cookies at this time as we still feel it is an invasion of your privacy.
  4. The PROBABLE CAUSE Web Site by nature has many links to our friends, sponsors and other points of information for the convenience of our visitors. PROBABLE CAUSE cannot control, or be held responsible for, the placement of cookies by one or more of these sites.
We at PROBABLE CAUSE have a very simple policy regarding "spamming". DON'T DO IT!

We will employ whatever reasonable means necessary to track "spammers" that use our facilities for the purpose of spreading their cyber garbage and administer any penalty possible to curb such activity.

For questions or comments regarding our On-Line policies, please contact our Webmaster at - Thank You!

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