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First let me say that any "ads" you find on the front page of the Probable Cause Web Site are not actually ads, because that would imply that I / We were paid or otherwise compensated for those ads. They are straight up endorsements with no compensation or prompting of any kind. I have received exceptional service or bought a product that blew my socks off.

That said, I have been noticing a rattle in the exhaust system of the old band truck. I was pretty convinced that it was the Catalytic Convertor. I knew it would need to be replaced before the next run through DEQ. I also was painfully aware that the entire exhaust system on my truck was the same age at the Catalytic Convertor, but I dreaded the thought of having to go have any of it replaced.

A little history - I am a car guy, always have been, always will be. Back in the 60's and for most of the 70's we could get quality mandrel bent, professionally installed exhaust systems installed on our hot rods at a reasonable price. It looked good and sounded great. Nick at Exhaust Specialties in Beaverton took great care of all of us kids. Many times he would see us coming in with uncapped headers and no exhaust system and on a few occasions we'd have a police escort. We of course told the police we had an appointment at Exhaust Specialties. When the officer asked Nick if that were true, he always said yes.

Since the mid 70's I have only experienced what I would call adequate exhaust work at a premium price, so naturally I was reluctant to do anything about my failing system until I heard about Sherwood Exhaust.

I went to the Sherwood Exhaust web site and saw that they are cars guys too. Owner Dave comes from a racing family and is a proponant of the old school custom mandrel bending method of exhaust system construction.

With good clean mandrel bends you get a custom exhaust system that fits like a glove without restriction. When you couple that with high quality Magnaflow Performance Exhaust parts (Catalytic Convertors, Mufflers, Tailpipe Extensions) and you have an exhaust system that fits and looks as good as it sounds.

Once I talked with Dave, I knew Sherwood Exhaust was the right place to work on my truck. After meeting Dave's Master Builder / Installer Brett, I was convinced that he was the right guy to build my custom exhaust system. He built a beautiful custom FULL length dual exhaust system that is amazing.

Brett is a rare individual that is not only a Master Craftsman, highly skilled in the art of pipe bending and proper fitment, but he truly enjoys creating one of a kind custom systems and it shows in his attitude and the final product.

If you take pride in your ride and are looking for true quality, old school exhaust work, believe me, it cannot get any better than this.

I am very pleased - Thanks Dave and Brett!

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