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Probable Cause News
2002 Sherwood Robin Hood Festival

One of a few times we played the Sherwood Robin Hood Festival
Cheerful Tortoise 50th Anniversary Battle of the Bands

We took 2nd place. The first place band owed a waitress the exact amount of the first prize money - Weird. Click Here to read an article about the gig.
Probable Cause at the West Slope Bar & Grill

Probable Cause has played at the West Slope Bar & Grill a number of times. This was the most recent.
November 2008 at the Rock Creek Corner

A very cramped space to try to squeeze Probable Cause into, but a very appreciative audience.

Saturday night November 17, 2012 at the M & M Lounge with special guest bassist, Mr. Gary Fountaine.
Mount Hood Village

Probable Cause has played at Mount Hood Village several times including a 'by request' performance for the August 20, 2005 Oregon State Harley Owner's Group Rally.
Latus Motors - Benefit For Our Troups

We were pleased to be asked to perform at a benefit for our troups hosted by Team Latus Motors with national country recording star Barry Lee White. Oddly enough, he opened and we closed the show.
2005 Tigard Balloon Festival

This was a combination performance for Paradise Harley Davidson, the Tigard Balloon Festival and a rally for Oregon Harley Owner's Group.
Pyzano's May 2008

Probable Cause has played at Pyzano's many times. This is just one of them.
Coyote's Bar & Grill

Probable Cause has played Coyote's Bar & Grill many times. This is just one of them.
The Cider Mill

It is likely that Probable Cause has played at The Cider Mill more than any other venue. Just a few pictures.
Paradise Harley Davidson
Tigardville Station (Manila Express)
We've also played at Tigardville Station many times, some when it was still Manila Express - Here are shots from a few of them.
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